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  • It's Almondlicious!

    Maritime Marzipan offers you tasty almond-based treats and baking ingredients built on European tradition and inspired by Island style. Chocolate covered, cocoa dusted or plain. It's Almondlicious!

    Our ingredients are selected with care - no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. We believe this is where simplicity and quality matter.
    We use Callebaut Finest Belgian Chocolate because of its high quality as well as the company's mission to support cocoa farmers through the Growing Great Chocolate program.
    Each piece of Maritime Marzipan is handmade with love. Our shapes are inspired by marzipan classics and Island living. You can see it, you can taste it, you can feel it.
    Our marzipan treats are packaged in transparent bags so that you can see what you buy. We use the most minimal packaging we can while still maintaining freshness to our products. Because our earth matters.

    Our products are available at:

    Montague, Prince Edward Island

    New Glasgow, Prince Edward Island

    O'Leary, Prince Edward Island

    Souris, Prince Edward Island

    St. Peters Bay, Prince Edward Island
    Summerside, Prince Edward Island

    Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island

    Nova Scotia


    The Doors Are Open

    Salty - June 24, 2018
    So remember when I said we will be opening a shop in the summer? Well, summer is here! Not yet weather-wise really this year-argh, the cool breeze from the bay-but on the calendar today it says June 24. So this means the Maritime Marzipan retail location is open!

    Zero Dollar Small Business Marketing 101

    Salty - April 25, 2018
    When you start your own business, first, you focus your efforts on the essentials. Getting your product ready. Selling your product. Often enough physically doing it yourself by attending a market, driving around and talking to stores, leveraging your contacts.

    Maritime Marzipan 'proudly handmade on P.E.I.'

    CBC - April 8, 2018
    A new P.E.I. business making and selling marzipan is taking off quickly.

    Maritime Marzipan co-owners Jessica and Mike Fritz are originally from Germany, and moved to P.E.I. two years ago after spending seven years in Toronto.

    With Island Greetings

    Salty - March 19, 2018
    We love our Island. We have been blessed with Islanders welcoming our new business idea with open arms. The opportunities that arose for us in such a short timeline are incredible. But we are not stopping here. First of all, we know that there are lots of folks like us out there: German and other immigrants to Canada (and the US) who miss marzipan from their home countries.

    Turning Unexpected Corners

    Salty - February 21, 2018
    2018 has quickly taken a productive turn for us. Slow is over. Currently, we are spending every weekend working away at our new business. And that’s on top of Mike dedicating his weekdays to Maritime as well, while I am at my day job. Don’t get me wrong. No complaints. We knew that that’s what life as entrepreneurs would entail.

    Beating the Winter Blues

    Salty - January 24, 2018
    Getting through the slow months of the year After our exciting launch month in December, which also happened to be the holiday month when lots of people buy gifts and chocolates, and traditionally bake with marzipan, our sales slowed down a little.

    The Moment of Truth

    Salty - January 1, 2018
    Finding buyers and vendors for our marzipan I still remember the feeling – how nervous we were when we brought our merchandise to the Victorian Christmas Market in Charlottetown at the end of November. It was our first attempt to sell our marzipan to the general public.

    Getting Down to Business

    Salty - November 30, 2017
    The legalities behind starting a food business After all the fun of idea development and logo invention it was time for some serious business: getting the paperwork in place to legally sell our marzipan. Luckily Mike has a background in finance and, as an experienced entrepreneur, a lot of expertise with respect to legal business requirements.

    Branding Maritime Marzipan

    Salty - October 31, 2017
    The inspiration for our new business' name I love playing with words. I like to tell stories. I am a visual person. So when my husband, Mike, and I started to seriously consider our marzipan idea becoming a business we had to give the baby a name.

    Marzipan - what?

    Salty - October 17, 2017
    Reality check for our business idea So here we are, my husband Mike and I, planning to make and sell marzipan. But will anybody but us want to eat it, let alone buy it? The two challenges ahead: 1) We had never made marzipan 2) Would people know what it is and/ or like it?

    A Nutty Food Business

    Salty - October 1, 2017
    Maritime Marzipan—a German treat inspired by Island life If someone had told me a decade ago that we'd live in Canada one day I would have been surprised. If someone had told me two years ago that we'd have a house by the ocean I would have said they were crazy.

    Maritime Marzipan Confectionery

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